AFC Lightning Membership

Joining Us

Before anyone joins AFC Lightning we recommend that they contact us using this form then come and meet the squad and join in for a couple of training sessions prior to committing.

Membership Fees – 2023/24 Season

For this season our fees are as follows:
• Under 6s to Under 12s = £90
• Under 13s to Under 18s = £150

Players joining mid-season will pay a commensurate amount at the manager’s discretion.

In addition, AFC Lightning run a family discount scheme (see below). We are able to offer support, in confidence, to anyone who may have difficulty in meeting these costs. Talk to your Team Manager for details.

All fees are payable as soon as a player completes and returns his/her registration form (link to Combined AFCL Reg and 50-50 Forms 2021-2022) as this helps us meet the up-front costs of league registration, kit, equipment, referees, pitch hire and training venues.

Please note that Membership Fees are non-refundable.
All cheques to be made payable to “AFC Lightning” and are to be handed to your manager or coach with the name of the player and team on the reverse side.

The AFC Lightning
Family Discount Scheme

We do offer a family discount for more than 1 player within the same immediate family: The oldest child pays full price, second child pays 50%, third and subsequent children pay 25% (of the subscribed amount).

What is included in the price?

AFC Lightning membership covers the following:

All match fees for the season (unless specified*)

Training sessions for the season (unless specified*)

League fees and third-party indemnity insurance

Provision of club equipment to support training

Subsidies for some club social events

End-of-season medals & trophies

* Small voluntary contributions may be requested for third-party location indoor / astroturf training & tournaments.